Back to Pescadero… but there’s a change in routine!

Check out the line, well out the door, for sandwiches.
It was time to get back to the usual, back to Pescadero, and do a full ride for a change. Actually, this is the first year in… decades?… that Kevin and I haven’t done at least one century by now! But neither of us were in shape for a century today.

Old LaHonda was a bit of a slog, over 25 minutes, with Kevin feeling not on his game. Maybe too warm? 84 degrees climbing that hill today! Of course, would have been cooler if we’d gotten out before 11:30. The duck pond in LaHonda was notable for a nearly complete lack of ducks and only a single large turtle on the log at the end. And Haskins? Oh my. 13 minutes up Haskins. That’s not happened in ages! Once we got to the flatter parts I pulled Kevin out to Pescadero, but, once again, no sandwich because of a long line out the door. Remember to bring cash because the alternative, the gas station taco place, doesn’t take credit cards.

Two fish tacos for me, two carnitas for Kevin, and we were fueled for the return home. Not too bad a headwind on Stage, but a bit cold as the fog moved in. Kevin mentioned how rarely we’d see a 30 degree swing in temps on a ride. Tunitas? Well, yeah, no respect there either, hitting the top at 1 hour, 44 seconds. But, we made it, it was a pretty nice day, and saw lots of others out enjoying their bikes.

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