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Really? Best time up Kings in 4 years, and it's 28:30? I'm that slow?

What? Not a photo of West Old LaHonda? But thought it important to show we actually had a few on the ride this morning! And this after one had fallen quickly off the back and turned around.

So. It's definitely true. I'm hitting Kings a whole lot harder on my Tuesday rides these days.

And we're beginning to get people showing up again. It's not just the Kevin & me, or Kevin, Kevin & me ride anymore. Today we had Kevin, Kevin, me, Colin, George, and dang, who was the guy in the orange jersey at the back of the line? And starting up Kings, another Kevin (S) even.

Nice morning, just barely warm enough to not need a base layer or leg warmers. The days of Kevin (not pilot) not being himself appear to be over; when George hit Kings pretty hard, Kevin (not pilot) had good legs and stayed with him. I hung on all the way to the Park entrance, but kept them in sight most of the way. Kevin (pilot) dropped off a bit, and Kevin (S) turned around early, not feeling it in his legs today. New-guy Colin was keeping an eye from the back; apparently it's been about 10 years since he's been on our ride?  But I really didn't know what was happening behind; I was keeping my eye on Kevin and George, who were gradually pulling away yet I was still holding a pretty good pace. I was even in a good place to watch Kevin (not pilot) pull away from George on the big hairpin, and just keep going.

Many others climbing Kings this morning, which worked out really well for me, giving me rabbits to chase after and, more importantly, stay ahead of. I very, very gradually clawed my way close to George, finishing 10 seconds behind him, and 1 minute 12 seconds behind Kevin (not pilot). Kevin (pilot) came up a bit behind at 30 minutes. Colin got a solid PR at 34 minutes, and I think we'll be seeing him cut that down quickly.

Kevin & Colin on West Old LaHonda
I was pretty surprised at my 28:30 though. It was just recently that I was getting concerned I'd crack 30, and this was a solid minute better than the last few times. Not sure if I can go too much faster; today was pretty ideal in terms of temperature and the availability of rabbits to chase. Plus my weight is still in a good place for climbing. Maybe not for sprinting though; my legs have definitely lost their sprinter-look.

It will be interesting to see which version of Kevin (not pilot) shows up on Thursday. He generally prefers the run through the park, so he might be on fire. I'll be back to trying to finish the climb on the same day.

Would have been nice to have the day off like George and Kevin (pilot) though; after heading down the back side of 84, they continued out to the coast and looped up to Half Moon Bay before climbing Tunitas. Kevin (not pilot), Colin and I had a pleasant ride back up West Old LaHonda though. OK, to be honest, Kevin (not pilot) doesn't enjoy that part of the ride as much as I do.

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