Multiple Sunday rides becoming the new normal? And check out the wild Momma Turkey with Poults video

The morning ride was an ugly-ride variant. Up Old LaHonda (reasonable time of 22:42, just over the “required” 1000 VAM threshold), down the other side, back up 84 to Sky Londa, then… north on Skyline all the way to 92. YUCK. That section is never fun. It’s not a bad road surface, not bad scenery, just not a pleasant climb because you can never really seem to sink your teeth into it. Plus it gets pretty windy on the descent towards 92. Now, I expected, because we’re still in the stay-in-place COVID-19 restricted driving rules, that traffic wasn’t going to be too heavy. That proved to be untrue. Tons of cars on the road, including a couple of car clubs featuring Porsche and Corvettes.

And the traffic over 92 to Half Moon Bay? I’ve got another video showing that; the backup went all the way to the 92/Canada Road interchange! Literally hundreds of cars bumper-to-bumper. I’m sure all of them were observing the 10 mile limit for driving to a non-essential place for recreation. I have some real concern about people thinking that it’s over, that we can go back to normal, when we’re still at risk of seeing this thing rise back up again.

Overall not a really tough ride, but as always, good to get out on a bike. And great seeing how many others have the same idea!

The later ride involved heading out (by car) to Shoreline Park and riding with my wife to “see the birds.” She really likes it out there; it’s her “peaceful place.” A bit more work in the wind for me as she was on an ebike; I had no issue swallowing my pride and drafting behind her a few times. Just over 8 miles, which is a good ride for her, and put my total mileage for the day at a semi-respectable 45. Will be nice when I can legally head back out to Pescadero again!

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