What is it about my Thursday rides that go so much harder/faster than Tuesdays? Best time through the park since 2015

How many photos of West Old LaHonda are found in the Almost Daily Diary? Don’t know, but it’s a LOT.
Interesting morning. Some issues causing me some grief and lack of sleep, and I started up the hill wondering if I’d turn back early. But that’s tough for me to do, especially if my legs seem to be working, and this morning they were.

Solo ride (again), as befits social distancing right? Saw quite a few others out there though. When I made it to the gate at the top of Huddart under 10 minutes, I was thinking OK, maybe I’m feeling better than I thought. My heart, legs and lungs all seemed to be in-tune, all able to run right at the same edge, without that feeling of “I sure wish I could breathe a bit better, since my legs feel good today.” About two-thirds of the way up, I came across “that guy” who Kevin (pilot) and I couldn’t catch a few weeks ago. No big deal, except that he’s on a mountain bike. Doing a whole lot more work than we were. Today? I spotted him well ahead, bridged the gap and passed him strongly. And kept going strong afterward. Remember, the most-important rule of all, in cycling… never, ever, pass someone you won’t be able to stay ahead of.

And yes it was one heck of a nice morning, first day in ages where I didn’t need leg warmers, or a base layer, or long-fingered gloves.

Got to the top of Kings in 29:29; had I ridden as hard the “normal” way, I might have been a 28-something. That will wait for another day. At the top, no hesitation, just turned left and kept going. When you’re riding solo, you’re in control. Keep the watts up. Level out the effort.

Average speed 16.3mph. I can live with that. 10 years ago my rides were in the 16.4mph range. And I got back to the starting point right at 9:18 too! Basically back on the old schedule. With the old legs, old lungs, yeah, older body. But still feeling like I can drill it once in a while.

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