Really nice day to ride Page Mill… if you wanted to ride Page Mill

It’s tough not being able to ride to the coast anymore, since that makes you a pretty easy target for violating the 5 mile radius from home restriction. It’s actually pretty much impossible to get in a good ride at all that’s within a 5 mile radius, so yes, I’ve been stretching it a bit. Today, OK, more than a bit at 12.14 miles. Up Page Mill, down West Alpine, back up 84 & West Old LaHonda then descend back into Woodside on 84.

Why Page Mill? Yeah, good question. It’s probably my least-favorite hill because I just can’t get a rhythm on it. The pitch varies too much and my breathing works best with a pretty steady load. But I got there, enjoying the nice views and especially enjoying a ride that didn’t require long-fingered gloves, base layer or leg warmers! Coldest temp I saw was 60.4 degrees I think.

Yes, LOTS of cyclists out there, but a bit worrisome that it could have been as few as 10% using flashing front & rear lights.

The other thing I saw lots of were cars heading out to the coast on 84. Zillions of them. If anything, more than I’d see on a normal Sunday (pre- Covid-19). There were two Sheriff’s cars parked at Sky L’onda, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. I have a hard time believing all those drivers had essential business out on the coast. As for the cyclists, we are in fact recognized as legit because we’re exercising. That’s the case in every California County Shelter ordinance I’m aware of. Of course, only San Mateo county places the 5 mile radius from home limit…

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