Hard solo ride; best average power in a long time, just kept hammering away

The spooky tree on West Old LaHonda doesn’t have too much time left.
Solo ride this morning; I knew that going in and had some fear & trepidation about it as my head just didn’t seem to be in quite the right place. But I just plugged away at Kings and ended up just two seconds off my time from last Thursday, about 29:30. I can live with that. And just kept on going. I wasn’t sure if my legs would give out or not, but what’s the worst that can happen? Overall average weighted power at 218 watts was very nice to see. Another bonus was arriving back at the start at 9:18, which was the usual return back in the day, when I used to be faster. I was going to say used to be fast, but that ship sailed too many decades ago to count.

Very nice day too; a bit warmer and almost completely dry (a few wet spots descending the west side of 84).

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