Technical difficulties, please stand by

Sorry to be off-line for a bit; we had a glitch due to a credit card that has been compromised a while back and changed, but the host for our almost-daily-diary was still trying to charge the old card. Of course, they could have let me know about the issue and I’d have been happy to give them the new info. Instead I had to work things backward to try and figure out what had gone on, and tech support was no help at all. But, I’m back, the site’s back, the world is still there but also still crazy, and Kevin goes in for Brain Surgery this Monday. Yeah, seriously. The gadget implanted in his head that’s supposed to reduce the number of seizures only lasts about 4 years before the battery runs out, and there’s no slot for a quarter where you can unscrew a battery cap and replace it.

I guess the cool thing is that, for a brief period of time, Kevin will literally have a load off his mind. At least for a short while, after they remove the first one from on top of his brain anyway. 🙂

Meantime, the shop remains crazy; being an “essential business” is one of those “be careful what you wish for” things at times. We have shorter hours and yet still feel completely destroyed by the end of the day. There’s something about having to wear masks all day, and climbing stairs doesn’t help. Also very strange how it affects your hearing, even though the mask doesn’t cover your ears? Go figure.

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  1. The masks probably affects your hearing because you don’t get the visual clues of being able to read people’s lips.

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