Does a regular cycling routine seem silly to talk about while fighting Covid-19, or would it be losing the battle if I didn’t?

The ride didn’t get off to a good start with the second alarm clock failure in a week; woke up at 7:11 instead of 6:50. Not enough time! Bug got going as quickly as we could and sent a text message to Kevin (pilot) letting him know that, if he showed up, we’d be a bit late. Good thing, that… he did show up, rode back a bit and met us on our way to the start.

It’s April, right? And it should be warming up. Instead, we’re looking forward to climbing just to stay warm. And a bit colder hands than normal because we (my son and I) forgot to put our wet gloves (after Sunday’s ride) over a heater vent to dry. 35 degrees up on top. I guess the connection to the virus is that it, the virus, hates hot weather. So, bring it on.

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