C’mon. 35 and rain is not 46 and cloudy

I almost brought my mid-weight winter gloves. I almost went two layers on top instead of three. Heck I even almost missed the ride because the alarm was set too quiet and I opened my eyes thinking maybe it would be 6:50 (the alarm is set for 6:55) but it seemed a bit too much light was coming through the window and the clock says 7:09!!

Oh and the plumbing wasn’t working at home (finally fixed later in the day to the tune of about $4000) so Kevin and I were carrying a bit more weight up the hill.

We were joined by Pilot Kevin and rode up Kong’s at a moderate winter pace. Broken clouds, a bit cooler than expected but not too bad.

Until heading south on Skyline. Seems the rain arrived 90 minutes early. And you could feel the temp drop quickly. It soon became a matter of how quickly we could get off the mountain and into a shower! Only no water at home (actually lots of water, but no place for it to go), so we made a stop at my mom’s house where I’d strategically dropped off towels and clothes the night before.

Looking forward to normal.

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