Chain Reaction and COVID-19

We added the following to both our website and Facebook pages today-

What’s New? Keeping you (and us) healthy!
You can’t escape the news. COVID-19 (aka “Novel Corona Virus”) is real. 03/13/20- The best way to stay healthy is to be healthy. Everything we know says you’ll do better against almost any disease if you’re taking good care of yourself. Riding a bike can’t stop you from getting COVID-19, but it might help you get over it easier and faster. Plus, cycling is one of the few “group” activities that isn’t likely to increase exposure to the virus. Let’s face it; if you’re riding closer than 3 feet to another cyclist, you’re too close anyway!

At Chain Reaction, we’re doing our part to create a safe shopping environment. We’re sanitizing touch points, minimizing physical contact (if looking for a touchy-feely experience, that’s not us right now!) and keeping on top of retail “best practices” for your health and safety. And ours! Part of that means keeping our doors open even when cold outside, so on a colder day, you might want to wear a light jacket. But, you don’t have to touch a door handle.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is affecting normal day-to-day operations in our mechanic area. We have not had an instance of the virus among our staff, but if someone’s got a “bad cold” they don’t get to “tough it out.” They stay home. Combine that with our very mild “winter” and we have a substantial backlog of repairs.

2 thoughts on “Chain Reaction and COVID-19

  1. Latest edict: Non-essential travel “on foot, bicycle, scooter, automobile or public transit” is prohibited.

    1. Exercise is not categorized as travel, thus exempt providing you follow the rules about “social distancing.” From a practical standpoint, riding is irrelevant, the things that would get you in trouble aren’t allowed any way you get there. No more sitting at a table chatting and drinking coffee. Anything you do has to be “to go.” Doing longer rides will entail bringing the food with you because you can no longer trust buying it on the way.

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