You’re looking at 180+ years of experience. Or 3 old guys. Take your pick!

Scary to look at that picture and think of the combined age. Kevin S is 60-something. Kevin K is 60-something. Mike J is 60-something. That’s a lot of experience. And, at least in my case, some pretty tired legs by the time I got to the top of Mt. Hamilton.

Nice morning, not too cold, so actually a bit overdressed. I was fine for the first 3/4 of the way up until my wheels finally came off. Gradually; I didn’t blow a gasket, I just watched Kevin S & Kevin K pull away from me. I managed to get back on once, but my breathing was not able to keep up with the effort. I ended up losing just under two minutes in the final few miles; I was thinking at the time it must have been a lot more! There’s no question that the time off I spent in Israel, two full weeks off the bike, didn’t help. Nor did shortened rides due to rain and longer hours at the shop for Christmas. But in the end, a great way to start the new year. And, it will be three days riding in a row too! Tuesday morning, today’s Mt Ham, and tomorrow the Thursday morning ride.

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