Back in the USA and back on the bike!

Yesterday morning, 6am, I was still on a plane, flying back from Israel (11 day vacation with my wife). 10am I’m at the shop putting in a full day of work. And yes, I was in zombie-mode; my watch, which keeps track of such things, said I got 3 hrs, 28 minutes of sleep on the 15 hour plane ride, and that came after a long and really nice day seeing things in Israel on our own, after our group tour ended. Last night I got almost normal sleep, but it was riding this morning that seems to have recalibrated me.

Just me; Kevin didn’t seem enthusiastic about riding in mucky weather. To be truthful, it wasn’t looking threatening enough to be nasty & fun out there, but by the time I finally got on the road, just past 9am, things were looking much better (which means much worse). Just did “the loop” because there wasn’t time for more (shop is open today from 12-5pm, even though it’s Sunday), and there might not have been much more in my legs anyway.

Interestingly, the ride started and finished with rainbows. My mom says rainbows are a sign from Dad, who died 31 years ago, but I’m not so sure… I don’t recall my Dad being terribly artistic, aside from his writing. Still seems strange that I’m living a time in my life he never got to; at 63, I’ve outlived him by over 6 years. There are still things that come up from time to time I wish I could talk to him about. Quite a few things, actually.

So what did it feel like, after two weeks off the bike? Not so good at first! But I settled in after a few minutes and started to get in the groove. Not a very long ride; just over 20 miles and no big climbs. Curiously not just an absence of cyclists and runners, but very few cars too. Looking forward to a “normal” ride on Tuesday, but even that won’t be “normal” because, since it will be the day before Christmas, we open at 10am instead of 11, so we won’t be able to do the West Old LaHonda loop and get back in time. Kings alone will likely feel challenging enough. 🙂

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