Some days you think about turning around, but you don’t, and it does get better

It gets better unless you don’t have any brakes descending 84, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Not such a bad morning to ride. Wet roads but it wasn’t raining, and the temps weren’t too bad (lowest was 42 I think?). I’d gotten a text message from older Kevin saying he was heading up the hill “early” and couldn’t quite figure out what that meant. But one thing the other Kevin and I did know… we weren’t feeling like we’d be in chase mode trying to catch someone who started out ahead of us!

Yes, it was a really slow pace up the hill. Actually slower at the start I think; I finally found my legs maybe 2/3rds of the way up Kings. But not before I considered turning back a couple times. Just did not seem like climbing Kings was what I wanted to do. Which, of course, is exactly why I needed to do it. Just past that 2/3rds point, older Kevin was riding back down Kings towards us. Thankfully, he wasn’t feeling any faster!

OK, the brakes. On younger Kevin’s bike, he hadn’t bothered to check the adjustment on his disc brakes, and by the final descent, he was squeezing both levers all the way to the bar and just barely able to keep his speed down. But just barely was good enough to get to the bottom where we stopped and I readjusted them to compensate for wear, and all was good.

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