Where was everybody Sunday?

Debris on West Old LaHonda during Sunday’s storm
It was one of those mornings where it’s wet, but not really raining, so what do you do? You wait for it to rain again, of course!

Just me; Kevin was off with his girlfriend, the other Kevin (the ancient guy who’s about a year older than me) decided not to spend time in the muck. Not much of a ride; just a slow roll up Old LaHonda, with a stop in the middle when I came across one of our customers, Kathy F, out walking her two dogs. Then another brief stop near the top, when a guy with a tree on top of his car was asking me if the power line was still down, so he could drive down to his house. Apparently the power line wasn’t actually on the road but up on the air, and no, I never noticed. Far as I know, it wasn’t there. Hope I wasn’t THAT delerious, riding so slowly!

The storm never really hit. Just some light rain and a bit of wind. A good test of the rain bike though, whose brakes weren’t working until I spent some time on them at the shop the other day. Brakes. Who needs ’em?

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