Fly to Boston Tuesday, fly back Wednesday. Doesn’t everybody?

As a member of the Board of Directors for the NBDA I sometimes travel to exotic places, like Austin, or Sioux Falls, or Las Vegas, or, this time, Boston! It’s about as far as you can fly and still be in the US.

Saw more of the airport than the town. Nice weather at least. Interesting flight out; pilot announced we needed the clear the aisle because maintenance folk had to bring blue water back to the rear bathroom. Had not seen that done before. Better bringing blue water to the bathroom than brown water from it.

Managed to get back to the airport just in time to catch an earlier flight home. One of the nice perks of having elite status. You just walk up to the gate and ask if there are any seats left. If there are, you’re good, with no extra fees.

1 thought on “Fly to Boston Tuesday, fly back Wednesday. Doesn’t everybody?

  1. Off topic, but after a coast ride on Sunday I thought I’d pass on that the Chip Seal Fairy has made
    a major visit to: 1) all of Gazos Creek Rd, 2) a good portion or all of Bean Hollow, and 3) all of
    Cloverdale – though the northern end isn’t too bad, traffic has moved the loose gravel off to the side.
    Light traffic on Gazos means that’s going to stay rough for some time. But Hwy 1 was great!


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