A few things missing plus a technical glitch… yes, I’m still alive!

Catching up, lots of that to do. Last Sunday’s big ride didn’t post for some reason; ended up as a draft. Just took care of that. Not sure I should keep riding anymore, because it’s going to be tough top the times I got up OLH and especially West Alpine! Just one second, ONE SECOND off my best Strava time ever for that climb. Back in 2010. Been up that climb 96 times since March 23, 2008 (the beginning of my Strava entries). Best time ever, during that past 11 years was November 28, 2010. 41 minutes, 39 seconds. Last Sunday was… 41 minutes, 40 seconds. Where did those two seconds go??? How could I have shaved off a bit more time on those scary slightly-downhill corners in that last mile? But when I look at the numbers, I was only one second off my best time for that stretch. Looks like I lost it on the “second” climb, from that section where the road ends in a “T” and to the right you go down into Portola State Park, and to the left, up to Skyline. The second from there to the top of the grade, I lost 7 seconds off my best time. The reality is that each of the four sections (bottom flat, first climb, second climb & descent to Skyline) were within seconds of my fastest ride. Sunday, I truly left nothing in the tank. I can’t look back at that ride and think this or that is where I lost it.

Tuesday’s ride got shortened even more than expected, because they shut off the road well below the Huddart entrance. No fair! Yesterday we rode up through the park and, while they had sign about halfway up that the road was closed, we had no issues riding all the way up to the park entrance, which was un-manned (because, obviously, they were manning the closure further down Kings).

So, Burt & Jenny, thanks for writing to see if I was still alive. I am. I don’t think it likely I’m going to keep up the fast times I’ve been having lately though. One of the advantages I had on Sunday was that I was riding solo; Kevin had a date. If I’m riding with Kevin, there will be sections on roads like West Alpine, or even Tunitas, where for some reason, I still have an advantage on him. I’ll drop him for a while, then wait for him to catch up. I had wondered if I lose much time doing that. Now, I know.

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