2nd fastest modern (since Strava) time on West Alpine by just 1 second & 22:04 on OLH.

I’m beginning to think a 21-something time up OLH is possible! I was surprised to see a time of 22:04 for that segment, just 5 seconds off. Best time since April 2016, well before my bone marrow issue was discovered so I wasn’t taking my anti-EPO meds then. Some of the improvement comes from the new lighter version of me that emerged after my pelvis fracture last February, but the average power number for the climb, 272 watts, is pretty good. Turn the clock back almost ten years and I’d be getting not much better than 280.

And that 10 years thing? After OLH I headed down to LaHonda and back via West Alpine. 41:40 for that climb, just one second slower than my fastest Strava-era time, back in 2010.

Some of the speed may have come from riding solo; when riding with Kevin, there will be that occasional spot where I have to wait for him (after which he finds his second wind and is quickly out of sight). If it’s just me, I can optimize my effort a bit better.

It will be interesting to see my blood values at my next test. Don’t think I could be riding this strongly if my red flood cells were slammed.

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