106F Yesterday to 48F This morning. I’m back.

Frédéric Silva, the Paranormal Magic guy, did a completely-free, nothing to buy meet-and-Greer after the show. Very cool!

And nobody knew I was gone. No Sunday ride on Strava; what’s with that? Had something to do with my 40th wedding anniversary and a quick trip to Las Vegas. Original plan was to leave Sunday afternoon so I could get in a quick ride, but that didn’t seem too romantic and hopefully I could score a few points (which, in relationships, always seem to expire before they can be redeemed… what’s up with that?).

Karen pointing to our upgraded hotel room

So Saturday 10:30pm were on a plane from SFO to Vegas. Arrive at The LINQ about 1am and find that our room “reservation” was actually just a “request” and all the Kings were gone, leaving only a “full size” for the same low (NOT!) price. But gee they gave us a $25 food credit (think 2 large bottles of water at Vegas hotel pricing) and a promise to do better the next night.

A really excellent breakfast on the LINQ Promenade.

They DID do better the next night, upgrading us to a two-room suite with two TVs (neither used) and two bathrooms (both used). Nice view of the giant Ferris wheel too!

Sunday afternoon we saw two shows, a 4pm “Paranormal Magic Show” with Frédéric Silva (pretty amazing stuff; somehow he really does know what you’re thinking) and a 7pm magic show with Mat Franco, a bigger scale and glitzier but possibly less-impressive affair.

Karen outside Hell’s Kitchen

But the real magic for my wife was yesterday (Sunday) when we went to Hell’s Kitchen for dinner. She’s a big Gordon Ramsey fan. It actually was a lot of fun.

Gives new meaning to Dinner Theater?

And yes, they have a red team and a blue team. Then it was time to fly home and breathe real air and go on a real bike ride this morning.

Waiting for nobody to show

But 100% solo; Kevin (kid) felt sick and nobody else out there either. I had no choice; just two days in Las Vegas had added 5 pounds to the scale!!! Sometimes it’s nice to ride alone but this morning I could have used some company. Think most looked up at the clouds and fog and figured they’d ride later! Hopefully Thursday will be back to normal.

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