Still some fight left in this old dog

So yesterday’s ride was unexpected in more ways than one. First, it wasn’t just the two of us (myself and Kevin). My brother Steve came along on an e-bike. And Kevin (pilot) was there. And George. And half a mile into the ride, Kevin (pilot) gets a text from a friend of his who was going to ride with us too, so we waited at the turn from Kings onto Greer. And waited. And waited. Over 5 minutes we waited, but nobody showed. Highly unusual for anything to change the pacing or timing of this ride!

Kevin (pilot), George & Steve hung back a bit while I tested my legs to see what’s there, pushing myself to keep up with Kevin (kid). There was no point to riding for time since that had been screwed up while we waited for the guy who never showed up. Still, there was that feeling of being a rabbit, with dogs chasing us from behind, and at each straight section I was always looking back to make sure they weren’t gaining on us. George would certainly be capable of bridging up, no issue for Steve either on an e-bike, but Kevin (pilot) is still recovering from his battle with lyme disease. We finished a few minutes ahead of them.

Note about Kings Mountain- they’re doing HEAVY tree and shoulder work, starting at 8am. So head up early and plan a different way down. Some signs had been posted but no activity on our way up. Which leads us to the next issue, West Old LaHonda still being closed while they’re doing repairs. So we rode Native Sons again, with Kevin, Kevin and George flying down while I hung back a bit to make sure Steve didn’t take any wrong turns. Hey, his ebike has disc brakes; why’s he off the back? Yeah, whatever, obviously he had no issues coming back up. Nor, surprisingly, did I. Not exactly surprisingly though, as I’ve been feeling quite a bit better lately. Better enough that I was able to get a PR for a couple of the segments climbing back up. George was doing a really good job of pacing me.

Overall another nice ride with my new & improved body. Don’t know how long it will last, and, of course, winter *is* coming. But when it’s as hot as it’s been lately, that seems a long way off.

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  1. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for keeping us up to date on West Old La Honda from a bicyclist’s perspective. Regular road for me. Have you noticed the tree carnage on Old La Honda east side ?

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