Late updates, plus WOLH *really* closed now!

Yes, West Old LaHonda is seriously closed now!
Time to catch up on our return from France!

Kevin and I got home late Monday night, probably half an hour later than it should have been since Air Canada had misplaced two of our four bags. Left the airport at 10:30pm without them and headed home (they eventually showed up two days later, delivered at 7:20am???!!!). Got to sleep some time past midnight. Did I ride Tuesday morning? Of course. Got to keep to the routine, and besides, I woke up at 6:30am and really didn’t know what time it was, maybe sometime late evening in France? Whatever, didn’t bother to wake up Kevin, just got dressed, had coffee, got on the bike and went. Actually went really fast leaving the house, and even the first half of Kings went pretty well until it didn’t. Have to admit the ultralight, ultrafast Trek Emonda did feel a lot nicer than the Bike Friday I use in France! But I’m also not carrying all sorts of gear on my rides around home.

This morning (Thursday) it was just myself and Kevin. The other Kevin (pilot) is slowly recovering from Lyme disease, which is assuredly not a fun thing to have to go through. Hope to see him back soon. Think I would have done better this morning if I hadn’t forgotten to use my inhaler before the ride, but still felt relatively OK.

Everything was going well until we got towards the end of West Old LaHonda. As seen in the photo at the top of this piece, they’ve gotten serious about keeping people out! Not serious enough that we couldn’t climb around the outside corner and lift our bikes over the top. Didn’t get too far until I encountered a work crew that, seriously, is actually repairing the road! Told me it’s going to take about a month, with the work involving building a retaining wall. That’s really good news.

Getting back to France, it’s going to take a while before we can get through all the photos from the last couple of days. I’ve still got some ride reports to work on too. Hopefully soon.

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