Big day, lots to fill in on, but right now just a placeholder

Alaphilippe drinking from a Team Ineos bottle?
Hate that you can’t use the local trains to access much of the Alps! So yesterday (Thursday) Kevin and I drove a rental car from Grenoble to Bourg d’Oisons (base of Alpe d’Huez) and rode up to the Col du Lauteret to intercept the ‘Tour.

It’s a very beautiful ride, even though a bit heavy with auto traffic. Another hot day, up to 102F, although curiously, didn’t seem as bad as the temp showed. Think I’m getting used to it. Plus it was a Thursday, and the drugs I take for my bone marrow cancer issue reduce heat tolerance so I take a lower dose on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday nights, ahead of my scheduled rides. We ate lunch at LaGrave before continuing the climb to the top. Found a not-too-bad place to get pictures and settled in for the 90 minute wait.

The fun part was heading back down the hill. We got caught in a crazy-bad thunderstrom (a little bit of hail towards the end) for about 20 minutes. Bad enough that it was tough seeing where you were going at times, and the temperature quickly dropped as well. But we made it through, along with a ton of other cyclists doing the same thing we were, and dried out nicely afterward.

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