Feeling a bit “off” on Kings but 204 watts avg weighted power isn’t bad

Less and less left of the spooky old tree on the right every season.

Not enough sleep last night; got to sleep late and got up early. Hate that! But the show must go on. Kevin was kinda wondering about “the show” though, asking what’s happened to this ride, which currently is often just… us. So many of the regulars have gone by the wayside, some moving on to the infamous “morning” ride, which is deathly fast and ridiculously early, while a few took on jobs that interfered (how dare they?) and a couple just decided they were getting too old for this stuff. Hey, what about me?

It was back to leg warmers and base layers, although no need for long-fingered gloves. Saw 51 degrees a couple times. I can live with that. Kings was pretty slow as I just wasn’t feeling it, but I picked up some steam from then-on. Even started trading pace on a one-minute turn with Kevin descending towards West Old LaHonda.

No rabbits, no snakes, one banana slug. But as you can see in the photo, some nice shadows.

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