Solo Pesky/Tunitas went very well!

I was not at all certain how today’s ride would go; I’ve had an uninterrupted series of strong rides that is kind of baffling. I assumed today might be that day that breaks the string, and I even felt a bit “off” at the start. Plus I was on my own, doing a solo ride. And that’s the thing. When I’m on my own, I tend to push. And push. And push. And continue to keep pushing.

Things started out with a brief stop in Woodside, just 4 miles out, because I’d noticed a funny feeling in my right knee (and I *never* have knee issues), and remembered that I hadn’t set the rotational play adjustment on the cleats I’d just installed. Fortunately, I had my multi-tool with me and opened up the inward swing (my right foot is much more heel-in than my left, and Speedplays are about the only pedal that will safely accomondate me), and all was well.

I was still feeling a bit apprehensive as I approached the base of Old LaHonda, but I pushed on, and kept going. And it worked. At 22:49, best time since August last year. Haskins, 9:49, best time since October. Final Stage Road climb, 6:31, best time since August… of 2017! And saved the best for last, Tunitas, 47:10, best time since August… of 2014. 6th best time for me ever, on a climb I’ve done 169 times.

By the time I descended Kings into Woodside, I was on fumes. I was even cramping in my right leg on Canada, trying to find a way to keep on going because it would be pretty sad having to call for a sag just 3 miles from home! I remembered a race where I cramped heavily a mile or two from the finish, and just pushed through, hoping I wasn’t doing any permanent damage. Actually I wasn’t even thinking about permanent damage; I just wanted to make it to the finish. Only later did I think about what happens if you keep pushing through a seriously cramped-up muscle. Fortunately I was able to stand on the pedals and make it better, but that last mile or two home was pretty slow.

So another stronger-than-expected effort. Hopefully more to come!

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