Ride interrupted, solitude & e-bikes are easier

Looks more like an oriental tea garden that something buried between hospital buildings.

I slightly overdressed this morning, looking at the fog-shrouded hills from my kitchen window so put on a base layer. Refused to use leg warmers, just because. Of course, the fog did what it’s supposed to do and burned off before we got to it.

The “we” today included Kevin, Karen and, long-time missing from our Tuesday/Thursday ride, JR! Unlike the past three rides, Kevin felt better this morning but I didn’t recognize how much better until too late, causing me to self-destruct before we even got to the park entrance. I kept sight of Karen in front and JR behind.

Up on top we encountered what a text from the Sheriff’s Dept warned- Skyline was shut down at Skeggs. A body had been discovered adjacent to the road and they were still looking for the bad guy. Turning around, we made the most of it and descended Swett to Tunitas and ride back up the last (the easy) part before descending Kings.

Only 22 instead of 30 miles but it still felt like a nice ride.

The best came later; I had an 11:30 Doctor’s appointment so, with plenty of time on my hands, headed down to Kaiser an hour early and spent 40 minutes relaxing with coffee and pastries in an idyllic setting (as seen in the photo at the top of this page). It felt so nice to just relax and not have to rush for once. High point of my day!

And then there was the ride home. First commute ride in a week on my regular bike, not an e-bike. Did you know it’s a lot more work climbing Jefferson without a motor assist? But also very satisfying getting home under my own power.

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