Definitely warm enough to find snakes on West Old LaHonda. And lizards. And rabbits.

I wasn’t sure how Tuesday morning was going to go, since I didn’t sleep really well the previous night. Too hot. Too much on my mind. Too concerned about needing to get to sleep, which keeps you from getting to sleep. Hate that! In fact, when the alarm went off, I didn’t even hear it, due to fan noise. But at 7am, 10 minutes late, I looked over and… uh-oh, better get going. Funny thing is, getting up late we still started out the garage two minutes early. Weird thing, that.

76 when we left, so not too bad… yet. Just myself, Kevin (kid) and George, although we did see quite a few more cyclists than usual, probably people switching from afternoon rides to morning, to avoid the heat. The heat didn’t seem to bother me much though, as I finally got under 30 minutes today, and over 1000 VAM (meters climbed per hour). Did it solo too; George was zonked from a hard “morning” ride, and Kevin is still having some knee issues.

Lots of wildlife out there; before hitting Kings we saw a deer trying desperately to get through a chain-link fence (that doesn’t work, by the way), rabbits, lizards, and, as you can see in the photos, a King Snake on West Old LaHonda. This guy definitely would have been run over by a cyclist had we not moved him out of the way. A bit further up a baby rattlesnake, unfortunately previously squished (dead). Looking forward to Thursday’s ride, which might not be quite so hot but still allow us to ride without leg warmers.

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