Tried to time it between the rain & sprinkles. Mission mostly accomplished.

Not many takers for Lemonade & Snickerdoodles on Canada today!
Memorial Day weekend, typically a time when the weather if finally nice, you might have an extra day off, and that longer & challenging ride awaits! Think I’ve usually used this weekend for a 113 mile Santa Cruz loop… but not today. The weather just isn’t cooperating yet. Kevin and I timed a ride to try and hit between the rain (which kept getting re-scheduled on the various weather apps) and mostly got it right.

We stayed out of the hills, partly because I didn’t feel like descending on sloppy roads if I could avoid it (because on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to deal with whatever comes, so when I have a choice…) and partly because the brakes aren’t in great condition on my rain bike. Kevin wondered if choosing the nice bikes was a good idea anyway, on a day when light showers were likely to be the norm, but it worked out well; we never had to put on our rain jackets, and the ground was never wet. Interesting to consider the variables that allow it to lightly rain and yet the pavement stays dry. But hey, works for us!

Just a loop through the foothills, with a turnaround at our former shop’s location in Los Altos (which allows for a stop for coffee at Peets). Pretty nice tailwinds getting there, and pretty stiff headwinds coming back. Guess that could have been predicted? Actually considered continuing to ride south to San Jose and take the train back, but kinda needed the miles. Nice to find a lemonade stand still open on Canada; they probably didn’t do much business though, as there were very, very few bikes out on the road today.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we head to Pescadero and Tunitas!

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