New lab tests look good

Not a bad lab report! With the amount of stress I’ve had lately, I was expecting to see higher platelets, but looks like they’ve stabilized and my hematocrit is improving as well. This time around I also requested a CRP test, which is a marker for inflammation and correlates very directly to thrombosis risk (strokes, heart attacks and blood clots). Quite nicely surprised to see it below 0.1, basically below the level of detection. No downside for it being abnormally low. Only good.

Doc tossed in a few more tests I wasn’t expecting, AST & ALT & Bilirubin, which look for liver and kidney issues. All good.

So things look boringly stable and reasonably good for now. Unfortunate that the med I take to keep things that way also drops my power on the bike by about 8%. Hate that!

So living with a mild bone marrow cancer is, for me, just that. Living.

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