It never gets old? Oh yeah it does. Drizzly & cold. Again.

Wet & cold? Again? And traffic lights too???
It was a morning like no other, except it wasn’t. It was like nearly every other morning lately. A bit cool but not cold at the start (53 degrees), cooling as we climbed, dropping to 42 & wet up on Skyline.

It’s no wonder nobody else shows up to ride lately. Your bike, if it was clean before, is trashed at the end. You’re wearing base layers, leg warmers & long gloves (but no oxford comma!) and you still find a bit of a chill as the ride goes on. Perhaps as I get in better shape and can push harder, that will pass. But by that time, hopefully the cold drizzly routine will be in the past, right?

Just myself and Kevin (kid) today. Kevin (pilot) was nursing a tired body from the Wednesday “Stahl” ride. Must be nice, being able to do a full-length (70+ miles) ride on a weekday. Well, my goal is to go from working 6 days a week to just 5 by the time I hit 70, so just 7 years to go.

Meantime first century of the year is coming up early June, the Sequoia. Normally Kevin and I would have done at least one Santa Cruz run by then, but that isn’t looking too likely right now. This is not going to be a high-mileage year, especially after taking 6 weeks off from the pelvis fracture. Maybe I can focus on quality miles then!

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