Time for an UGLY ride. Not much uglier than Redwood Gulch!

Why is it impossible to get a photo of Redwood Gulch that caputers its steepness?
It’s been an odd week, lots going on, so much on my mind that Thursday morning I just wasn’t in the game, turned back at the park while climbing Kings and waved Kevin & Kevin on. Not getting more than a couple hours sleep during that night had something to do with that. But last night, I got my first full night sleep in… like I can’t even remember how long it’s been. And it was time to serve my sentence for turning back on Kings, first time ever. And ever means 47 years or so.

My sentence, which ended up being imposed on my son Kevin as well (even though he did the full ride Thursday!) was an Ugly ride, perhaps the ultimate Ugly ride. Head through the foothills to Los Altos then up Redwood Gulch & 9 to Skyline. Even the lead-in to Redwood Gulch isn’t much fun, and Redwood Gulch itself? Yuck. It’s an odd climb, something so steep that you can’t (or at least I can’t) generate normal hill-climbing power on it. That’s followed by a long run the rest of the way up Highway 9. And… no longer a Mr. Mustard at the top to buy a coke either!

But wait, there’s more. Wind. LOTS of wind. At least not a headwind, but Kevin and I got kicked around quite a bit up there, before finally heading down 84 into Woodside.

Didn’t even feel like I was warmed up until shortly before hitting Skyline either. So yes, all the makings of an Ugly ride, but at least I was feeling better as it went, not worse.

1 thought on “Time for an UGLY ride. Not much uglier than Redwood Gulch!

  1. Trade you my ugly ride. Milpitas along Calaveras to Welch Creek and then back. Top third of Welch Creek makes Redwood Gulch look like child’s play. Was good to say I have done it. Not sure again.

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