Crash injury update

Two weeks, two days ago. Seems more recent than that. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! I’m getting around better and better, able to go small distances without any crutches at all, and generally finding a single crutch easier than two. Except navigating stairs. Going up or down, even with two crutches, is not a whole lot of fun because it’s really, really slow.

A couple days ago I decided to try something… set up a woman’s cruiser, the type with a super low center bar, put the seat low, and tried pedaling around in the parking lot. I expected it to be painful, but it felt… great. No pain whatsoever. Actually the best I’ve felt so far. But doc says no, I’m not supposed to do that, it could set back my healing. It’s a bit odd, given that what I can do is supposedly limited by pain, meaning it’s not likely I can do something bad because I’ll really hurt while doing it. But this didn’t hurt. Therefor the doc must be wrong, right?

I was hoping to at least vicariously experience a bike ride this morning, making sure Kevin got up in time to get out for the Thursday morning ride, which would be his first since the crash (he went down too, but no injuries). Unfortunately Todd decided not to go, and it’s not a good idea for Kevin to be out there on his own due to his epilepsy. Todd had been concerned about rain, but of course, from 7am until 10am, it stayed dry. Go figure.

Sunday will be interesting, as I fly to Sioux Falls for a bicycle dealer meeting. Not worried about the SFO end, but transferring at ORD (Chicago) from the C gates to F, on crutches, is going to be tough. Really tough. It’s been strongly suggested that I contact United about their services for passengers in need of assistance. Maybe I’ll get to go on one of those VIP carts! I certainly don’t want to be pushed in a wheelchair. Film at 11.

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