39 degrees was the average

First things first. We’ve had FAR colder winters than this. The coldest Tuesday/Thursday morning ride ever was December 1997 I think? 21 years ago. Snow on Kings, 23 or 25 degrees, don’t remember exactly. So a day like today, when the average temp is 39, well, it’s really not that cold. Certainly something you can dress comfortably for.

Just me this morning; Kevin had a nasty cold (actually, same cold I’ve got, but he’s got this different idea that involves resting when sick instead of trying to burn it out). I took it pretty easy, keeping a steady pace, seeing things I’ve not seen before, like trails zig-zagging along the sides of Kings Mtn Road. Even took time to take a selfie on West Old LaHonda.

Looking forward to Tuesday, when we’ll be doing the annual climb up Mt. Hamilton. More details on that later, but in a nutshell Kevin and I will be taking the train that leaves Redwood City just after 9am and ride from the San Jose train station to the top. A good way to start the new year!

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