We’re back (Not sure what kicked us off-line)

What a mess. I missed a ton of entries while playing around in Morocco for two weeks with my wife, then I come back, FINALLY get on a bike again, and BAM, I’m off-line. Our webhost, Lunarpages, deactivated my account for a few days without warning and seemingly without reason. This sort of thing nearly always relates to missed payments, but that didn’t seem to be an issue here. It’s set on auto-pay and should never have gotten behind. Well, whatever, we’re back now.

I’ll try to formally post Tuesday’s first ride back but probably won’t get to it so what the heck. Here it is. Got home around 6pm Monday night, totally out of whack because, as usual, I couldn’t sleep on a plane. Should have been able to, because we’d been able to snag biz class seats, but the plane was too danged hot! Whatever, got a few hours sleep before getting up to ride. I didn’t feel tired per se, just sleepy, if that makes sense.

Click on the photo for the larger version and check out the bike she’s riding up Kings!
Just myself and Kevin (kid) on the ride, maybe because it was cold? Strange thing that we saw nobody out on Canada. No riders returning from the “morning” ride. But climbing Kings was another thing entirely. Got passed by two people we didn’t know, and then, about halfway up, saw someone ahead that we weren’t sure we would catch. Closing speed was really slow. Eventually the gap came down. Oh. My. Talk about depressing. A younger lady on a klunky cheap mountain bike with a monstrous seat and wearing tennis shoes. Wow. I mean, depressing for us, but impressive as heck for what she was doing, and told her so as we finally passed. A little further up we came across someone riding with her, a guy on a much lighter road bike.

It wasn’t a fast ride up Kings at 36 minutes but it felt… OK. And right now, two weeks off the bike, OK is just fine. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning.

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