Wow, that smoke was thicker than I remember!

OK, that’s from my commute home Tuesday night, not from the ride. But you probably figured that out.

I really don’t like this time of year. Not because it’s cold, but because it’s *getting* cold, and that process, the change from warm to cold, doesn’t seem to happen in a gradual way. An odd thing, that, because the reality is that it is pretty gradual. Daytime temps might still be in the low 70s, but it doesn’t feel like it. 43 degrees in Woodside feels worse than the mid-30s will feel in a month or so. There’s something about the process of getting colder that my body just doesn’t like.

Despite the cold, despite the bad air, I didn’t do that badly this morning. For a while, chasing Kevin & Kevin, I even had thoughts of getting up Kings under 30. Up on Skyline older Kevin was asking if it was true, if the qualification for doing this ride was still 30 minutes up Kings. This, after he did about a 29 with Kevin, a minute and a half faster than me. How was *I* supposed to feel? And I’m doing better this year than last. Well, I think it’s time to relax the standards a bit to 32 minutes. Hate it, but it’s either that, or I don’t qualify for my own ride.

My plan was to have some video from West Old LaHonda, showing the smoke on that side of the hill, but must have hit the wrong button on the camera so nothing recorded. That’s why you get the frame from my ride home.

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