Fun climbing Kings/Will Skyline ever be finished?

It was nice, this first Tuesday/Thursday morning ride, getting up after the sun came up, instead of watching it. Also just a bit warmer than last Thursday. I wasn’t sure how I’d be after having such an easy ride on Sunday… miles, yes, but low effort. I needn’t have worried.

Just Kevin (younger Kevin) and JR this morning, with Kevin feeling, well, like Kevin usually does (fast) and JR a bit more sociably paced. Kevin and I drifted off the front a bit, then we’d regroup, until I altered the mix a bit by dropping back towards JR, and then sprint back up to catch Kevin. Rinse & repeat. After three of those I was pretty cooked, but it felt good, playing around like that. Haven’t done that for quite a few years. It’s not the fastest way to climb a hill, but it’s better training than a steady grind.

About that last construction project on Skyline- where they’re basically reconstructing a hillside that had started to slide into the road winter before last- it’s really hard getting a reading on how much longer we’ll have a stop light controlling the single lane. It certainly takes the fun out of one of the faster, and safer, descents in the area.

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