Glad I haven’t cleaned my bike recently!

A foggy day on West Old LaHonda
It didn’t look that bad when got up and looked out the window while making my coffee. No sign of the sun, but the roads were dry. That didn’t last.

Just myself and (pilot) Kevin today; younger Kevin was flying to Nashville with his sister for a friend’s wedding, and everyone else seemed to want to wait for things to look a bit nicer. It was an easy ride up through the park, pretty dry until we got to Skyline. Maybe not quite as wet as Tuesday? At least we weren’t pressed for time, so no issue doing the full ride, which had me hoping there might be some really nice views from West Old LaHonda. As you can see in the photo, that was not to be!

The good news is that my weight is beginning to come back down again, after the prior two weeks where I’d had trips to Reno and Wisconsin, each responsible for nearly 3 pounds. Hate that. At this point I’m only about two pounds away from what I’d like to see, and pretty much right where I was a year ago.

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