About time I felt better than Kevin!

Kevin sporting the new “kit” (jersey & shorts) that will soon be seen by Trek’s team at the Tour de France next week. This isn’t as dangerous as it looks; the car had pulled over and there were no oncoming cars in sight.
Nice day for a ride, much nicer than it would have been Saturday, when it was much hotter! Kevin and I lucked out, seeing nothing higher than upper-70s. On the other hand, three weeks from now we’ll be in France where it’s going to be quite a bit warmer, most likely plain darned hot!

We got off to our usual very late start, shortly before noon. Old LaHonda was… interesting. I rode very strongly for the first half, then faded on the second, managing to get exactly 1000 VAM (climbing rate, measured in meters/hour), with a time just 4 seconds slower than two weeks ago. I’m wondering where I wasted 5 second! Heading down West Old LaHonda we came across Sarah Coyle, long-time customer who loved Kevin’s new kit (jersey & shorts). Got to admit it is a pretty good-looking jersey!

Haskins… well darn, a repeat, sort of, of Old LaHonda. Once again, just 4 seconds off my time of two weeks ago. What’s up with that???!!! But the good news is that I felt generally pretty good on both, aside from sweating a bit more than I used to, a side-effect of the meds I’m on for my bone marrow issue. Hate that, but just gotta deal with it, and deal I will.

It was the run into Pescadero that surprised me. The last 4.5 miles I was able to go to the front and pull into the wind, all the way to Pescadero. I haven’t done that in ages. It wasn’t the epic pull Kevin gave me a few weeks ago, heading out to San Gregorio on 84 (that was a good 7 miles) but it was a solid effort. I would, of course, pay for that effort later.

Lunch in Pescadero, the usual Chicken club with a cookie for Kevin, a Olallieberry pastry for me. Stage Road- well, I’ve got a photo showing “the flag” on the edge of Pescadero, the one that gives you an idea of what to expect. Today, tailwinds heading north! We did not, however, challenge our Strava PRs from last week.

Tunitas? Well, looks like it’s going to be a while before I get back into the swing of things there. Just over 50 minutes despite favorable breezes on the lower part. Just not too much left in the tank. Kevin could have dropped me easily, but stayed with me all the way to the top.

Descending Kings was nice because, well, no traffic. Almost. Half-way down the hill we came across a slowly-moving car that nicely moved out of the way so we could safely get by. Kevin and I are *way* slower than the really fast descenders on Kings, but unlike them, we don’t play percentage games- we stay in our lane and the lines we take assume there could be something unexpected around the next corner. Doesn’t mean we can’t have fun though, and today, we did have a bit of fun.

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