You can’t feel super on every single ride… darn

A little bit of dampness is a small price to pay for a view like this
After Tuesday’s ride, when I felt, well, pretty darned good for a change, I could have seen this morning’s ride as a bit of a letdown. But it really wasn’t that bad; it was still the fastest I’ve climbed through the park since November, and we had someone riding with us we haven’t seen in quite some time, Tom C. Along with Karen, Kevin (kid)… so four of us. As usual, I felt stronger as the ride went.

Just a little bit drippy in parts, not too bad, but we’re still not out of the woods in terms of putting away base layers and leg warmers. 45 degrees up on top, 57 by the end of the ride.

Almost, as in really close, as in who knows, could be another 4 weeks before they’re finished with that last bit of roadwork towards the base of 84. Over a year and a half of one-lane traffic control will finally be behind us. At one point I think we had 5 sections where we’d have to wait for a light or flagger.

It was a bit unusual to see Karen doing the entire ride; usually she has to peel off early, skipping the West Old LaHonda loop, to get to work. Today, she was the second-youngest on the ride, next to Kevin. Interesting to think Kevin’s still half the age of the second-youngest person!

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