Felt better for a change!

Think it’s time to mow the grass; totally wrecks photos of the coast from West Old LaHonda!
Sometimes you really look forward to looking at Strava after your ride, because things felt good, the times on your computer looked good, and you’re thinking hey, it’s about time!

And I did feel somewhat better than OK heading up Kings with Kevin this morning. I don’t think I’m ready to declare the new change in breathing meds to be better, but they’re certainly not worse. I was able to have snippets of conversation on the way up, and even drink now & then without almost coming to a halt, gasping for air.

Waiting for us at the top was new-knee JR, 4 months into rehab and thinking, if he hadn’t left earlier, he might have been dropped. By me? Not by much, if at all! But it was nice to think someone had a bit more respect of my abilities than I had myself.

No leg warmers, no base layer, just really nice weather. Still a bit away from cracking 30 minutes, or 1000 VAM for that matter. But I felt consistent and capable. A good thing. Maybe I’ll survive France next month.

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