Remember, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish

Kevin, Kevin & George on West Old LaHonda
I’d love to say that, after the Sequoia Century just two days ago, I’m stronger than ever. But that wasn’t the case this morning, at least not up Kings! I would have loved to have been able to ride up with Kevin, Kevin, George & Karen this morning, but they were off the front so fast (or rather, I was off the back so quickly) that there was no time to even wish them well. This was not just a “high gravity” day; no, this was one of those days where you wonder if you’re seeing the future and it really, really sucks. I was lucky to even get under 35 up Kings. And I managed to lose track of the most-important thing to remember at times like that- you WILL feel better, soon. No matter how badly you feel going up Kings, you always finish the ride feeling a whole lot better.

And, thankfully, that was the case again today. I began to recover gradually on Skyline, and by the time we got to West Old LaHonda, it’s not like I was feeling lively, but I wasn’t dead either, and I could carry on conversations with George, Kevin and Kevin (Karen had peeled off earlier, to get to work).

You just gotta believe. There’s not yet been a time I felt worse at the end than the beginning. You might have to pay for feeling better by feeling really awful early on, but it’s worth it, every single time.

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