THIS should have been first day of Spring!

The end is in sight; the final one-lane section of 84 is nearly finished. My guess is that, by next week, maybe the weekend; it will be smooth sailing!
What a difference a few days make. It wasn’t exactly “warm” this morning, but it seemed like it. Low temp was 39, predictably at the point where Kings crosses over the San Andreas Fault, but for the most part it was mid-40s and seriously, felt nice. Especially up on Skyline with the sun casting strong shadows across from the Skeggs parking lot.

Curiously, not getting much sleep the night before didn’t seem to cause much trouble. When the alarm went off at 6:50am, I’ll admit I really didn’t feel like getting up, having finally gotten to sleep a bit past 2. But coffee does seem to work wonders, and getting out on a bike resets the brain.

Just myself and Kevin today, which seemed really odd. Stranger yet is that, until we got to West Old LaHonda, we didn’t see a single other cyclist out on the road. Where was everyone? Scared of seeing shadows?

I felt a little bit lost climbing Kings, since my heart monitor battery apparently died on me, but the watts didn’t look too bad, and the legs felt OK. Kevin was cruising at least one step above his idle speed, since he hasn’t spent much time on the bike the prior two weeks (while I missed out on last week’s Tuesday & Thursday morning rides due to my DC trip). But overall it just felt really good. Everything about the ride felt really good. I am so glad I didn’t decide to just sleep in.

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