2 thoughts on “IMG_8730huret_derailleur

  1. Great to meet you and Kevin in person on Sunday. Later on West Alpine, some of those old bike parts gave up the ghost. During the climb, my 46 year old freewheel suddenly began freewheeling in both directions. Glad it happened on Sunday and not during the Eroica ride in April ! — David

    1. 46 year old freewheel… most sentences that start out with 46 year old *anything* turn out badly. 🙂 And of course, West Alpine would be the perfect place to test for failure. Or maybe not; I think I’ve had two cassettes fail on that steep little climb out of the LaHonda duck pond (“Reflection Lake” I believe it’s called).

      Hard to believe we hadn’t crossed paths earlier! Or maybe we have but I’ve been so gassed trying to stay on my son’s wheel that I don’t recall. That’s likely!

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