Cold, not enough Salbutamol, Cold, Slow, did I mention that it was Cold?

#387 in a series? Obviously I never get bored of the view, and getting “there” keeps me going when it feels like it would be easy to turn back on a tough day.
Yikes, my Garmin said it got down to 33 degrees this morning; Strava claims 32. And this would be that one morning where, somehow, I forgot to take my second “hit” of my asthma medication (Ventolin aka Salbutamol aka Albuterol). I’m going to seriously see how much of the stuff I can take and see if going to heavier dosing might help me, because when it gets this cold, oh yeah, I feel it really, really badly.

Young Kevin and Marcus today; first Marcus showing in a while. He of course was in idle mode heading up the hill. He lives up on top, and claimed it was warmer up there, but it still showed in the 30s so I don’t really consider that warm!

I think today was supposed to be the coldest we’ll see for a while, and since we’re almost midway through February, quite possibly the coldest we’ll see for the rest of the year. I’m OK with that!

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