What happened to Spring? Oh, right, it is February…

Various post-ride screens from my Garmin that appear to indicate my riding is “Unproductive.” Seriously?
A bit of a rude awakening today, seeing temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s after a week of low 70s. Got rather spoiled! Still, it was surprisingly sunny and almost warm-feeling just as we left, causing Kevin to question my thinking that we needed leg warmers and long-fingered gloves. He was very, very glad that I stuck to my guns.

I told Kevin it was going to be an easy ride, and it certainly was. 25 something up Old LaHonda and I wasn’t feeling like I could have gone much faster. I felt a bit better on Haskins, but just barely. The lower temps were definitely part of it, plus I’m still getting back to the normal routine after missing some time a couple weeks ago when in Cambodia (yes, I rode, but it was time in the saddle at very low speed), the abbreviated ride last Sunday for reasons I don’t recall right now, and the shortened ride Tuesday morning when I had my bone marrow biopsy.

No cookies???!!!
Pescadero… no cookies. Seriously, no cookies in the cookie case. What’s with that? And, despite not too many cars on the road, the line for sandwiches was so long we didn’t even bother. Maybe the lack of proper food caused a knee issue to crop up for Kevin? He wasn’t feeling great on the second Stage Road climb so we ditched Tunitas in favor of 84. Interestingly, it was a nice run up 84, a routing I generally don’t enjoy. Slight tailwind and no pressure for speed.

It did stay cold though; it’s been a while since we’ve seen mid-40s in the middle of the day. But again, this is February after all!

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