First bike ride in Cambodia a bit tougher than mileage would indicate

At the end of the bike part, we had a boat ride along the Angkor Wat moat.
Well first of all, I didn’t start Strava until maybe half a mile into the ride, so it really should have been 14-something! But generally tougher because an awful lot of it was on either narrow trails or dirt goat paths as we wound our way out towards Angkor Wat. The temperature, in the 90s, could have had something to do with it too. And finally maybe the fact that I took two Advil PMs by mistake prior to the ride, which contain Benadryl and tend to make you a bit drowsy.

Still, it was a lot of fun negotiating the traffic with a tour guide who knows his way around the place. Tomorrow is the “real” temple ride though, with the bikes being more a means of transportation than a way to see the road less traveled. It will also be a fair amount longer, so hopefully Becky will hold up. She hung in there well today, so a good start. The easy day will be Monday; that’s when we do the around-the-town “food” tour, where maybe we get to eat fried bugs!

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