Last “real” ride for 10 days… off to Cambodia!

How many photos of West Old LaHonda constitutes too many? Whatever it is, I’m confident, obviously in a self-serving way, that I won’t reach it before I stop taking such pictures.

Chocolate vs Double-Chcolate. Is that even a choice?
It had been just a week since breaking my toe, so Sunday’s ride was a bit of a question mark in terms of how well I’d ride. Kevin and I did the usual; Old LaHonda, Haskins, Pescadero, Tunitas, with a mild twist. Instead of Stage Road, we chose the coast, partly because it would be fun to see the big waves everyone had been talking about, and partly because it shaves about 15 minutes time and Kevin had to catch a train to meet his girlfriend.

The toe starts each ride a bit loud (it lets me know it’s there), but after 10 minutes or so, everything seems pretty much fine. As if riding kind of squishes it back into shape. There’s still a bit of feeling like the shoe’s insole has a rough spot under the toe, but it’s not bothersome. And thankfully the left hand, took a bit of a hit in the accident last week, has been feeling better each day too.

Nothing fast today (story of my life lately?) and no question the colder weather slows me down. That’s something I look forward to in Cambodia; temps will be in the low-90s. I’m sure something in-between Sunday’s mid-40s to low-50s and low-90s might be perfect, but since I don’t have that as a choice, I’ll be happy with what I can get.

It was fun riding the coast instead of Stage, even on the two climbs where Kevin decided to push the pace pretty hard. Even got a couple now-very-rare PRs on Strava! It helps to ride the road less traveled from time to time. Tunitas? Yeah, ride casual. Might have been more motivated if there’d been more cyclists on the road, but despite being a really pretty day, there weren’t many out there. Maybe everyone was watching the football game?

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