Maybe it works for Froome, but not for me

Kevin riding through the debris field on West Alpine left by yesterday’s heavy winds.

Plan subject to change without notice. The plan was to get up early enough that Kevin and I could get in our usual Pescadero/Tunitas ride in, and make it back in time to get to the shop by 2pm, to add some muscle to staffing on one of those rare Sundays we’re open. And we probably would have stuck to the plan were it not for the cold weather really getting the best of me today, giving me an indication that the meds I’m on are reducing my tolerance to cold temps. In other words, my lungs were working even-worse than usual. How much worse? 26 minutes to get up Old LaHonda, and there wasn’t that feeling that things were getting a lot better descending the other side.

We had 4 options. #1, The planned ride. #2: Go through Pescadero but return via 84 instead of Tunitas. #3: Head straight to the coast via 84 then return on Tunitas. #4: Head up West Alpine and return via Skyline. Option 4 won out; it had been some time since we’d ridden up West Alpine, and it’s one of Kevin’s favorite climbs. It was nice heading up without pressure (not worrying about getting a decent time), and the views, due to the wind, were fantastic.

Skyline was a breeze. No, I mean really, a breeze. A really strong breeze. Pretty heavy crosswinds, but nothing, I’m sure, like yesterday would have been.

In the end a pretty short ride, just 41 miles, but it wasn’t one of those days where I felt like I could have kept on going. Hopefully those days will come again soon, after I adjust to the cooler weather. I’m just not seeing the positive effects of albuterol that they claim Chris Froome does.

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