That fog along the coast… going to be missing that soon!

Last day we’ll be seeing fog at the coast for a while!

Zero-sum world? If Tuesday I felt 20% better than “normal” today it was 20% less. Perhaps just a high-gravity day. Thankfully it was just myself, JR and new-guy-old-guy Bill K, and they didn’t seem in a mood to go too fast up Kings. I was the young kid today; Bill K is 62 and JR a couple years older than that.

Temps 64 to 70 degrees, so nothing like you’ll see over the weekend.

Interesting thing about new-guy-old-guy Bill. No computer on his bike. No Strava on his phone either. No way to measure the decline in capability as you get older. Hmm. Maybe not such a bad idea? He says he rides by feel, which might work well for many, but for me? If I road by “feel” then shorter & shorter rides would equate to a similar feeling. When I have the computer providing me all sorts of data, I am motivated to keep trying equal a given metric over time. Distance for example. I’ll definitely be riding slower as I get older, but I don’t have to ride shorter. Maybe it’s more relaxing riding without being pestered by such things?

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