A bit more climbing than planned & last-day visit to Woodside Bakery

The first Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride after daylight saving time starts is not something to look forward to; I’ve never been a fan of waking up before the sun’s out. On the other hand, after 13 straight days of rain, there was something very appealing to riding on dry(er) roads again! And finally, the plan (remember, there’s always a plan) was to visit Woodside Bakery at the end of the ride, today being their last day in existence after 35 years, just one year less than Chain Reaction Bicycles.

No Kevin (the kid) today; he got up and dressed for the ride but subsequently came down with pretty severe kidney pains, which he’s been fighting for the last few days. Probably a kidney stone, but he goes in Wednesday for a(nother) renal scan, to rule out a(nother) kidney blockage, like he’s had a couple times in the past.

Today we had elder Kevin, Marcus, Eric, Karen, JR & MarkP. I managed to do a second consecutive under-30 time up Kings, which really shouldn’t be that big a deal but lately… well, maybe sticking to the recommended dosing for Qvar and Albuterol might actually be helping. I can hope. Everyone else was taking it easy, talking away, with Marcus finishing ahead of me, JR with me, and the rest a couple minutes behind but looking remarkably relaxed, at least comparatively, when they arrived at the top.

West Old LaHonda? It was GORGEOUS. So nice to have a day like this again! And so nice nobody was really pushing it, so you could really enjoy it.

Descending 84 was pretty dicey with quite a bit of water still seeping out from the hillsides; I did what I could to stay with Eric, with Karen just a bit behind and, behind her, everyone else. Except that, at the bottom… where was “everyone else?” I waited a couple minutes and then, concerned that someone might have crashed, headed back up 84, and got about 2/3rds of the way up when I came across a couple of guys from Norway who’d stopped to take some photos. Since they’d just descended from the top, I asked if they saw anyone… nope. Found out later that elder Kevin, JR, MarkP & Marcus had all decided to get in a bit more climbing and headed north on Skyline instead of descending 84. Guess all of us got in a bit more climbing!

I still had just barely enough time to stop at Woodside Bakery and pick up a bunch of pastries to bring home. All in all, a good ride. Just hope Kevin’s able to ride on Thursday, when we’re scheduled to have our annual breakfast ride, stopping at Alice’s.

3 thoughts on “A bit more climbing than planned & last-day visit to Woodside Bakery

  1. Ive been reading your diary on and off since 2000 when I lived in the bay area. I log back on and read your entries when I am waxing nostalgic about my time out there. I really miss riding there and I can believe woodside bakery is closing! Thanks again for your posts.

    1. Yes, it’s sad to see the Woodside Bakery go. I understand they are starting a new operation in Menlo Park, hoping to attract corporate clients like Facebook & Google. Ironic that it’s likely the dramatically-rising rents caused by Facebook, Google, Box and many many others, that have likely driven them from their Woodside location. We had a customer this morning who’s renting an apartment in one of the new building near our Redwood City location… $3800/month for 1 bedroom. More than a bit concerned about what happens next time our lease comes up for the business! –Mike Jacoubowsky, Partner, Chain Reaction Bicycles

  2. I visited the area last month and rented a bike specifically to ride down W. OLH to 84 and climb W. Alpine. On a weekday those have to be my favorite places in the world. I’m really happy the rough spots on 84 were ironed out a couple years ago–that makes the ride a lot safer.

    Mike, I’m always sorry to hear about your son’s continuing health problems. It seems very unfair and bad luck that a young person has to deal with these circumstances. I hope he can somehow get past this in the future.

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