This one’s for Michael F (and a call-out to the staff who’s keeping things going while I’m away)

IMG_1901saganFrom yesterday’s stage, a photo that Michael F, our Service Manager in Redwood City, will enjoy (he’s a Peter Sagan fan, and that’s┬áSagan at the front, just before the almost-literal killer descent).

And at this point I’ll mention that I couldn’t be here in France with my son (Kevin) were it not for the efforts of Becky & Mike F running things back home, as well as the rest of the staff, including Roger, Margie, Alec, Alex, Sergio, Jose, Charlie, Kayla, Jesse, and of course, my wife Karen. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone. Actually I miss them all! But we’ll be back soon, the shop will still be standing, and I can start thinking of an interesting place to take my wife in November. –Mike–

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