A rare Friday-morning ride… and didn’t head up to Skyline!

Normally I have a “real” ride on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, plus Sunday. Sure, I still ride other days, commuting between home & work, but that doesn’t count as much of a ride, just under 3 miles each way (and sure, there’s a 400ft climb on the way home, but how tough can a ride be if it’s only 13 to 17-minutes long?). But today was a make-up ride, for Kevin. He hasn’t had the best luck, medical-wise, and Thursday morning, instead of riding, he was getting ‘scoped by a doctor. By ‘scoped I mean checking out where the sun don’t shine. Turned out he’s fine, just some ‘roid activity that was mimicking something that could have been serious.

So today where do we ride? To tell you the truth, between Tuesday & Thursday’s ride, plus Sunday, I get to see enough of Skyline. Kevin expected Kings, and if not Kings, then at least Old LaHonda. Nothing doing. Time to ride “the loop” and see how the rest of the world rides. Yes, there really are people out there who think you can still call it a ride if you don’t head up to Skyline. Not that we didn’t get in some climbing though; I decided to hit up Alpine Road and “walking” Joaquim. Why? Good question. I was OK on Alpine but Joaquim? Kevin just chugged right up and the best I could do was to try and keep him in sight.

But aside from Joaquim it was a very pleasant ride. Even Kevin thought so. Also, because it was on different roads than we normally ride, it was an opportunity to pick up a bunch of Strava accomplishments. 18 for me, 29 for Kevin. All in all, a very nice ride.

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